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NOTE: Please read below if your using my profiles!  

Profile's updated for Cura 4.8.0 !!

- If you are using both my night light profile and Thomas Brooks Lithophanemaker to generate a night  light STL you will need to add bottom layers only if you increase the "adapter thickness" to a value greater than the default value of 1.8 mm.  If you increase the thickness from 1.8 to 2.0 for example you would need to add another 2 bottom layers if your using a layer height of .1


- Some other Cura settings you may need to change depending on what filament you're using and printer setup/calibration would be your temps, retraction speed/distance and flow. 

Hatfield's Guide to Creality!! Click on the PDF icon to open

Edge of Tech.png

Informative Video's Going Over Hatfield's Sections of His Guide

"Edge of Tech" YouTube Link 

Lithophane and Night Light CURA Profiles

3.jpg Lithophane Generator

3dprocks.png Lithophane Generator


PhotoToMesh Lithophane Generator