I went through quite a few designs with my frames and got redirected several times for a better design from my wife.  This is truly a collaboration between her and I.  We wanted something as sleek as possible and more than anything to be fully functional and look nice!

Below are some pictures of what we finally decided on for a design.  As you can see the corners are all cut at 45's and a nail gun with glue is used to hold the corners VERY solid with relatively no sign of attachment (screw holes etc...). 


There is a backer that get's held on with turn pins for easy access into the back where the LED's are secured and the AC/DC adapter plugs into.  Every frame will also come with an alligator clip unattached just in case you want to stand it up on a desk or shelf. 

The wood dimensions are 3/4" by 1  5/8" deep.  I cut channels around the inside so the lithophane fits nicely in and no light escapes so to speak.  

How about that epic work shop! 

In Florida we don't have much garage space so we have to work outside, but I love it.

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